Real Estate in Rising Sun: A Great Buy

Real estate in Rising Sun is the perfect purchase for a buyer looking to build a marvelous Midwest abode. The land in town is inexpensive, leaving plenty leftover to construct something special. As any buyer knows, available land is a vanishing commodity, yet it is always in demand. Properties are being scooped up left and right, making affordable real estate a rare find in any market. Speaking of affordable lots, today’s featured property offers the most bang for your buck.

real estate in rising sun

Talk about gorgeous grounds! This lush landscape boats a glorious display of mature trees and rolling hills. Furthermore, majestic valley views can be experienced from every corner of the lot. The total square footage of this property is a whopping 5.48 acres! What can’t you build with that much space at your disposal? Keep in mind that the lot is situated at the end of cul-de-sac, which offers quiet country living close to town.

Buyers have the opportunity to capture these 5.48 acres for only $29,400! This price is a testament to the deals that can be found when purchasing property in rural areas. Of course, this listing is particularly special, as the buyer can construct his dream home and still have plenty leftover to host a farm, ranch, or anything else their heart desires.

If you would like to come and see this lot, contact us. We are available to show you this great real estate in Aurora at your leisure.