Short Sales in Aurora: A Great Investment is Waiting

Investors in Kane County are going to be delighted to see the property we have in store for them this afternoon. As a piece of Aurora’s history, today’s featured listing is worth preserving. After all, it would be a shame to see all of the original woodwork and designs go to waste.

short sales in aurora

Your eyes are feasting on the grand exterior of Aurora’s historic Drover’s Inn! This sensational 5 bedroom, 1 bath mansion was constructed in 1890. Since then, many guests have made this edifice a destination when visiting Aurora. You will notice that the homesite boasts gorgeous grounds. What you don’t see is the entirety of the lot. That is because it is hard to capture the beauty of the entire 12 acres in a single shot! That’s right, the property comes with a total of 12 acres. Imagine the possibilities when you have that much space to work with.

short sales in aurora

Step inside this classic mansion to explore over 3,700 square feet of vintage flair. During your walkthrough, original hardwood floors throughout, 9ft ceilings, a large eat-in kitchen, a first floor laundry room, spacious bedrooms, an updated living area, a loft for storage, 9 fireplaces, and a remodeled master suite are waiting to impress! With that foundation, something special is the only future we see for this structure!

short sales in aurora

This is the backyard. Beautiful, isn’t it? Mature trees and the greenest of grass set the perfect stage for an enviable location. Build a courtyard, install an in-ground pool, or construct a gazebo; regardless of how you choose to use this area you will have plenty of room to do so.

Now that you have seen the property, what do you think? We are sure that you will be even more in love with the listing upon learning that it is a short sale. Those that are unfamiliar with short sale properties will be pleased to know that these listings carry lower price tags to induce quicker sales. How low, you ask? Well, this residence is only $147,900! You didn’t see that coming.

If you would like to tour this Auroran classic, contact us. We are sure that you will be happy that you did!