First Time Home Buyers in West Chester: A Great Value

Searching for your first home? You are about to experience one of the most memorable moments of your life. With that in mind, you don’t want to remember your first home purchase as a mistake. One thing’s for sure, new buyers in Butler County won’t regret touring today’s featured home.

first time home buyers in west chester

We proudly call your attention to this excellent 2 bedroom, 1 bath stunner! The home impresses right away with its gorgeous surroundings. It is clear that the previous owners took immaculate care of the yard. If they were so careful with the grounds, can you imagine how they managed the interior of the home? You won’t have to simply imagine it, as we are about to take you inside.

first time home buyers in west chester

Everything about this home screams of pristineness. New carpeting, custom built-ins, window treatments, and other new finishes imbue the interior with a sense that everything has been untouched. Because of this, buyers can rest assured that everything is in working order within.

first time home buyers in west chesterThe kitchen is up-to-date, and it is ready for you to create culinary masterpieces. Our image doesn’t give justice to the amount of counter and cabinet space. The appliances are in mint condition, and the tile flooring ensures that you don’t have to worry too much about making a mess.

first time home buyers in west chester

Last, but not least, we go to the back of the property. Pass through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen to land upon the large back deck overlooking the grounds. The rest of the yard is occupied by green grass, a bench swing, and a big storage shed. You are getting the total package as the owner of this great property!

If you would like to personally see this terrific residence, contact us. We are always available to show you the best spots around!